Building Dreams
Expert designers turn your dreams into reality
KORYAN GEORGE INC is a certified, fully insured exterior cladding specialists, that have and will travel nationally for projects. We are certified in many different manufactures and carry specific insurances that make us stand out above the rest. Our attention to detail, and pride in our workmanship has helped us build relationships with many reoccurring customers. We specialize in commercial applications, stucco finish company and high end residential projects including, but not limited to Stucco, Pavers, Stone, Concrete, Masonry, Plaster and Tile. We invite you to visit our picture gallery or services section on our website for more information.

KORYAN GEORGE INC applies the highest quality standards to EVERY job – Stucco Wall, Pavers, Stone, Concrete, Masonry, Plaster, Tile in Staten Island, Manhattan and New Jersey. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email with bid invites or to set up an estimate. KORYAN GEORGE INC has set the bar in New York City for almost two decades, offering the highest quality of workmanship in high-end luxury apartments.No dream is too big, no project too small, no vision too extreme. We pay attention to the finest detail and focus on each of our clients’ distinctive vision for their spaces, because we understand the effect such space has on its occupants. With a combination of the highest client service satisfaction and safety as our most important priorities, we only employ highly trained, professional craftsmen, competent in all areas of planning and worksite awareness. With well educated professionals and foremen overseeing each project, utilizing years of experience, we ensure that each project is completed in the safest construction environment to the full satisfaction of each client.

We offer services from start to finish with each job to ensure complete client satisfaction and peace of mind. Major renovations can be stressful, but trusting it to the right professionals means absolute satisfaction and little concern to our clients, with end results that has kept KORYAN GEORGE INC in business for many years because we are so frequently recommended by satisfied clients.

KORYAN GEORGE INC has been serving the greater NYC area for the last 25 years! We have completed projects in every neighborhood, and that experience flows onto the customer to determine what renovation your property needs.
We began by servicing residential projects to cater to the individual customer, and through the years we have extended our services through commercial properties as well. With over a 1000+ projects completed, many references are available for various sorts of renovations.Our top priority is to provide excellent customer service, we want to ensure your property gets the proper renovation it needs. We emphasize a full attention to detail to make the renovation process as hassle free as possible. Our goal is to help build a greater NYC, by building great customer relations!

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